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This is the homepage of Staci Sprout. Staci is a licensed psychotherapist, author, publisher, and promoter of high candor stories of overcoming adversity. This site serves as a portal to her therapy practice r.evolution psychotherapy, her memoir Naked In Public: A Memoir of Recovery From Sex Addiction and Other Temporary Insanities, and her publishing and promotion company Recontext Media.


Intimacy Skills Bootcamp: 8 Weeks of ONLINE training of Intimacy Essentials for Women*

INTIMACY starts with “ME”: Learn the essential foundations for intimacy within a supportive circle of women, and revitalize your relationship with yourself and others!

INTIMACY starts with “ME”: Learn the essential foundations for intimacy within a supportive circle of women, and revitalize your relationship with yourself and others!



*If you’d like to take the Intimacy Skills Bootcamp, please click a button below and ask to be added to the waitlist for a future class, which will be scheduled when we reach eight women.

16 hours of Intimacy Training: Cost for participation is

$500 per person

*This is not group psychotherapy. It is an 8-week online educational offering to help you learn and practice fundamental intimacy skills needed for successful relationships. However, it can be helpful part of preparing for in-person therapy group participation in your local area with a qualified professional.

**Limited scholarships and payment plans are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

WHO should take this course?

This class was designed for adult (18 and older) women who are already participating in some type of healing process (therapy, therapeutic bodywork) with a qualified provider. You must have a referral or affirmation by a qualified helping professional in order to take this class. It may be particularly helpful for women in recovery from one or more addictions, and those who grew up in alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional families.

WHAT will be covered* in this course?

Over 8 weeks, we will meet, learn, support each other, and discuss and practice for 16 hours in the following areas:

Intimacy Starts with Me: Emotional Safety

  • How to identify and name your feelings

  • How to tell if you are responding to another person or reacting – and tips to move toward responding more than reacting

  • Learn and practice skillful connections (especially helpful if your default is to avoid intimacy)

  • If you feel threatened or disconnected: How to kindly, assertively attempt to repair/reconnect with another person

  • The three levels of vulnerability, and why are they essential to understand for healthy intimacy

Boundaries, Bottom Lines and Shame Reduction

  • Identify the areas of biggest challenge to your integrity and well-being

  • Share a “Shame Story” to supportive, caring witnesses

  • Be a fair witness to others’ vulnerabilities

  • Identify your “Growth Edges” of less-than-nurturing coping behaviors

Exquisite Self-Care

  • Create or upgrade your plan of self-nurture-in-action for daily and weekly practice and support

  • Gather ideas from other women about how they lovingly care for themselves – and where they struggle

“The opposite of death is desire.” –Tennessee Williams

  • A broader definition of life meaning and “sobriety” than not doing something; we will explore life purpose and heart’s desires as a way of profoundly inspiring the hard work of healing and recovery

Meditation and Receiving Group Focused Healing Attention

  • We will practice eight different short mindfulness/heartfulness meditation exercises, one per week.

  • Each week, the group will also practice sending focused healing toward a member – everyone will receive this focus once

  • Practice receiving attention and healing intention from women in a safe setting

All group members who fully participate and complete the group will establish an individualized “Personal Empowerment Plan” that can serve as a statement of integrity and a roadmap for further healing and growth.

Classes will not be recorded. To get the most out of this training, please plan to attend every week. You can still register if you need to miss a week, but if you will be missing more than one week, consider attending a future offering instead.

*As this is not a therapy group, any therapeutic issues that arise will be referred back to your qualified helping professional to assist you to resolve. Significant outside classtime support (emails, phone calls, crisis management) are not included in this class, but brief connections to resolve any issues related to group are included.


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Yes, 18 and older.

What's the refund policy?

Refunds are available up to one month before the first group, or on or before August 9th, 2019. Before paying to save your spot, please be sure you can attend weekly, as no refunds will be given for missed classes.