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This is the homepage of Staci Sprout. Staci is a licensed psychotherapist, author, publisher, and promoter of high candor stories of overcoming adversity. This site serves as a portal to her therapy practice r.evolution psychotherapy, her memoir Naked In Public: A Memoir of Recovery From Sex Addiction and Other Temporary Insanities, and her publishing and promotion company Recontext Media.

Recovering Minds Want to Know Blog

Articles and odds and ends about sex addiction recovery.

Women's Sex and Love Addiction-Themed Memoirs (with first sentences)

Staci Sprout

Naked in Public: A Memoir of Recovery for Sex and Love Addiction – Staci Sprout

***** (4.9 stars, 50 reviews, 2015)

You’d never guess from looking at the tidy, two-story Victorian home on Grand Avenue that it once sheltered a pedophile.


Insatiable: A Memoir of Love Addiction – Shary Hauer

***** (4.8 stars, 57 reviews, 2015)

Up until 1983, my life had been pretty predictable.


Girl Walks Out of a Bar: A Memoir – Lisa F. Smith

**** (4.7 stars, 38 reviews, 2011)



Love Addict: Sex, Romance, and Other Dangerous Drugs – Ethlie Ann Vare

**** (4.7 stars, 38 reviews, 2011)

I was pushing forty—probably from the wrong side—and hadn’t had a drink or a drug in years.


Coming Off Love – Bridgit Newman

****.5 (4.6 stars, 6 reviews, 2014) 

It was the wedding that did it.


Love Junkie: A Memoir – Rachel Resnick

****.5 (4.5 stars, 39 reviews, 2010)

On Observation Drive, the narrow street where I have lived for eight years, I back the cherry red metallic pickup truck down the steep driveway toward my home, navigate past a startled raccoon, which drops a discarded can of refried beans it’s pried from the garbage.


Getting Off: One Woman’s Journey Through Sex and Porn Addiction – Erica Garza

****.5 (4.5 stars, 17 reviews, 2018) 

I grew up in the early eighties in Montebello, California, Southeast LA, where teenage pregnancy was on the rise and every Mexican restaurant claimed to have the best tacos north of the border.


Babylon Confidential: A Memoir of Love, Sex, and Addiction – Claudia Christian

**** (4.3 stars 288 reviews, 2012) 

It was 1973.


Love Sick: One Woman’s Journey Through Sex Addiction – Sue William Silverman

**** (4.2 stars, 43 reviews, 2008) 

Every Thursday at noon I have sex with Rick in room #213 at the Rainbow Motel.


Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running From Madness – Suzy Favor Hamilton

**** (3.9 stars, 405 reviews, 2015) 

We always played on the nature trails near the Wisconsin River, which flowed right below the house where I grew up in Stevens Point.


Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity – Kerry Cohen

**** (3.9 stars, 174 reviews, 2008)

I am eleven the day I begin to understand what it means to be a girl, walking into the next town as I often do, on my way to brows at the pet store or the hobby store, to do something endless, hot summer days that seem to stretch on and on.

Resources for Men Getting in Touch with Healthy Masculinity

Staci Sprout

Web Communities/Resources


The Man Rules Podcast

Live with intention. Build connection. Create a more meaningful life. Host Dan Griffin shows you how, through funny and insightful conversations about The Man Rules® — those often-unconscious expectations that shape what it means to be a “real man” in the 21st century. It’s a must-listen for anyone seeking to live a more authentic life.

Find all of our great episodes and the blogs summarizing each episode as well as highlighting our audience favorite Practical and Tactical Tips and Strategies from all of our guests HERE



One in Six

For men whose lives have been disrupted by unwanted or abusive sexual experiences, working through it can help turn things around.


The Mankind Project

The ManKind Project is men's community for the 21st Century. MKP is a nonprofit training and education organization with three decades of proven success hosting life-changing experiential personal development programs for men. MKP supports a global network of free peer-facilitated men's groups and supports men in leading lives of integrity, authenticity, and service. 

The Mankind Project



Illuman is a not for profit organization for men who are simply interested in becoming better, more authentic men. We welcome all men to our work without regard for your ethnicity, class, education, sexual orientation, religion or any other characteristic that might make you feel excluded. To learn more about Illuman, please click here


The Good Men Project: The Conversation No One Else is Having

The Good Men Project was founded in 2009 in the United States by Tom Matlack and James Houghton as a way to allow men to tell stories about the defining moments in their lives.


A Brave New Man Podcast

Let’s talk about healthy masculinity and intimate relationships. This podcast is for men, women, and anyone who could benefit from hearing about how to create happier, healthier relationships and lives. Sample episode titles include “Eroticized Rage” and “Sex and Porn Addiction” - and much more!



King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature
Masculine*, by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette


The Man In Me, by Ross Firestone


When He's Married to Mom: How to Help Mother-Enmeshed Men Open Their Hearts to True Love and Commitment by Ken Adams


The Wonder of Boys and The Minds of Boys by Michael Gurian


Boys Adrift by Leonard Sax







Staci Sprout

Each day it seems like another great resource is created for recovering minds to hear new wisdom about victory over sex addiction. Thank you to these creators for the chance to learn and grow with you! :)


WORTH RECOVERY (Women-focused but helpful for all)

The Worth Recovery Podcast began February 2, 2016.  Hosted by Amy Smith, the founder of Worth Recovery, the podcast covers topics addiction and recovery related, including a series on the 12 steps of recovery as well as interviews with other women in recovery from sex addiction.  New 25-minute episodes are released every Tuesday and Friday.



Welcome to Sex, Love, and Addiction. This podcast is a forum where you can learn about sex, love, and relationship addictions in frank, informative, recovery-focused ways. Our primary goal is to bring you advice, opinions, and feedback from experts around the world on sexual addiction, sexual trauma, relationship infidelity, and love addiction.  Your host, Robert Weiss, PhD, MSW, is a licensed therapist and sexologist, and the author of numerous books, including Sex Addiction 101, Out of the Doghouse, Cruise Control, and Always Turned On. He has spent more than 25 years treating, educating, and writing about intimacy and sexual disorders.


Making An Addict is a podcast focused on talking with addicts in recovery, professionals who treat recovering addicts and family members to discover what makes an addict. On the show, all addictions are address including sex/love, alcoholism, drug addict, and codependence. You can stream all the latest episodes at or download on iTunes. 



Life After Lust VLOG (Video Log) by Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP the author of Life After Lust: Stories & Strategies for Sex & Pornography Addiction Recovery (2017)



This is the place for all things recovery, healing, and relationships. They explore a variety of topics with people in recovery and the professionals who help them through personal stories. This podcast will give listeners a broad look at the aspects of recovery that make a difference.



Each week they share 3 different perspectives on topics dealing with relationships, recovery & addiction leaving you with HOPE for change no matter your circumstance.



The “Love Junkie” podcast is dedicated for those struggle with love and sex addiction, addictive relationships, codependency, trauma and the feel the “normal” relationship advice just doesn’t truly apply to them. 

Every week, you hear from host and an expert in the field, a friend, or a listener to share their story of hope and grace. In each episode, you’ll hear a different topic related to addictive relationships, breaking free, and growing a healthier and happier you!



Betrayal trauma recovery, or BTR, is an online community that offers various services, including a free podcast, to women betrayed by their husband's sex/porn addiction betrayal.



The following talks are provided free of charge to aid all who seek recovery from sex addiction:



Sexual Addiction requires that you know the tools to seek and manage recovery. Learn the strategies to restore your life.



Per Duane Osterlind, LMFT, CSAT: "The struggle of addiction comes with so much grief and loss. My early experience in rehab and the loss of my daughter has informed much of the work I do. I have worked in the addiction field now for over a decade. Helping people out of addiction has been how I give back. My hope is that The Addicted Mind podcast can become a part of that. I want people to find reliable information about addiction treatment and research. I want people to know that it gets better with the right support and knowledge."



Christian clinical approach to treating sex addiction and loved ones affected by it. Disclosure info, neurochemistry presentations.



Join Alex Katehakis - author, clinical sexologist, marriage and family therapist, certified sex addiction therapist, certified sex therapist and doctor of human sexuality - as she explores an array of topics with fellow curious minds at Center for Healthy Sex in Los Angeles.

THE MAN RULES (Male-focused but helpful to all)

Dan Griffin's The Man Rules ( Dan
is also set to release another podcast: Real Men Real Recovery, so keep watching his website for details.


MEN OF VALOR RADIO (Male-focused but helpful to all)

Each week on The Men of Valor Program, Dr. Laaser addresses the battle that thousands of men are facing with sexual addiction and compulsive behavior issues.



Prodigals International is a Christian based 12-Step ministry for men struggling with sexual brokenness (including pornography addiction). Prodigals International also offers a support program for spouse/partners to help them cope with their own recovery. These Podcasts feature interviews with local and national experts focused on bringing sexual healing and wholeness to the Christian community. The Podcasts are hosted by Dr. Doug Wheeler.


We created this podcast to provide hope to those struggling with betrayal and relational trauma, especially in the early stages.  In this podcast series, we will be sharing lots of information and resources including interviews with experts in the
field as well as individuals and couples who share their stories of hope
and healing. With Duane Osterlind, LMFT, CSAT-S and Marnie E. Breecker, MFT, CSAT, CCPS